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 A Steam Shower is the Ultimate Showering Experience

For the ultimate showering experience take a look at our steam shower enclosures. These state of the art shower enclosures offer so much more than a luxurious shower experience; with a multi function extendable shower head, built in seat, foot massage option and a touch screen panel for thermostatic control, they really are the number one choice for those seeking the finest showering technology.

If you’re happy with a less high-tech shower enclosure, take a look at the Crystal Jet Shower Cabin range. Featuring thermostatic controls, tinted glass, back jets and a built in seat, this shower enclosure offers luxury treatment when you need it – who doesn’t want a mini back massage from their shower?!

Shower Enclosures with Massage Jets

At Cascada Bathrooms we guarantee the lowest UK prices on our shower enclosures – and if you can find any cheaper anywhere else we’ll match the price. With high quality products across our entire range of bathroom fittings, products and accessories, Cascada Bathrooms is your one stop shop for everything for the bathroom.

If you would like any more information about our shower enclosures or any other of our bathroom products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01706 868296.

bathroom furnitureNo bathroom is complete without bathroom furniture. Be it cupboards, vanity units or the perfect bathroom mirror, we have all the bathroom furniture you need to make your bathroom look attractive while complementing the interior decor of your home. Our expansive collection of bathroom furniture contains everything you need to add the finishing touches to your bathroom.

bathroom suitesAt Cascada Bathrooms we’re passionate about bringing you great quality bathrooms at fantastic prices. At our comprehensive online store you can get a complete bathroom suite for under £300 – saving you over £200 from the RRP!



All the Components You Need to Create Your Perfect Shower

shower kitWe offer all the individual components for a shower including shower heads, valves, screens, trays and drains. You can completely customise your electric shower here at Cascada Bathrooms so whether you’re looking for a luxurious power shower complete with all the fittings or just want a basic, stylish shower kit, we can help.

A shower head is one of the easiest ways to customise your shower and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range available in our shower kits selection. From contemporary modern fittings to traditional style chrome heads, all styles are catered for. Those who like to adjust the temperature of their shower so that it’s just perfect would benefit from a thermostatic shower valve, which gives you full control over the water temperature, while many feature temperature controls to prevent scalding.


Shower Kits from Well Known Brands


Offering shower kits and components from well known brands such as Waterlux, Moods, Trojan and Aquaflo means you can rest assured that our electric showers, shower kits and individual components are made to the highest standards and will offer excellent quality. Here at Cascada Bathrooms we are confident that our prices are unbeatable in value – but if you do find any products that we offer for less, we’ll match the price! So why not take a look at our fantastic selection of electric shower and shower kits to see how you can recreate the look of your bathroom for less?


Customise Your Shower Enclosure with Shower Systems

shower enclosuresHere at Cascada Bathrooms we offer a wide range of shower enclosures which vary in size and style to cater for all requirements. Because all of our shower enclosures are just that without a shower included, it’s easy to install your preferred system in one go without the need to purchase individual pieces here and there to make it all work together. You can find a fantastic range of showers, complete shower systems and individual components such as valves and pumps in our Showers section.

Add a modern and elegant touch to your bathroom with our stylish collection of shower enclosures. With single and double models available all requirements are catered for, and with our Lowest Price Guarantee we are confident you won’t be able to find any of our shower enclosures cheaper! If you can, we’ll match the price!


Our Shower Enclosures Cater for All Tastes and Budgets...


From smooth curved designed to straight edge styles, our shower enclosures cater for all tastes and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Why not complement your new shower enclosure with some brand new accessories from our website? From towel racks to radiators to stylish taps and fittings, our comprehensive range features everything you need to completely recreate the look of your bathroom – and you can enjoy huge discounts from the RRP on every single item...

If you would like more information regarding our shower enclosures or any of our other products please don’t hesitate to contact us.



free standing vanity unit

Free Standing Vanity Units with Built In Sinks

Many of our free standing vanity units incorporate a sink into the design to save space, making them ideal for those looking to refurbish their bathroom. From contemporary white fittings which will complement any modern bathroom to traditional wood finishes for a cosier look, our free standing vanity units – and entire selection of bathroom furniture – is sure to cater for your requirements.

For an ultra luxurious feel take a look at the free standing vanity units with mirrors and lights! With these stunning fittings you can feel like a star while adding elegance and style to your bathroom. Our fabulous selection of vanity units will ensure you have all the space you need to store your bathroom essentials – without breaking the bank!


The Best Value Vanity Units in the UK!


Here at Cascada bathrooms we offer fantastic savings across our entire range of free standing vanity units and bathroom suites so creating a stunning bathroom will cost you less. We guarantee that you won’t find any of our vanity units cheaper anywhere else – if you do, we’ll match the price!* So for the best value bathroom accessories and free standing vanity units in the UK, take a look at Cascada bathrooms and create a whole new bathroom for less. If you would like any more information regarding our products please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Conditions apply


Installing a shower enclosure can be very much cost effective effort, as it could save a lot of labor cost but you have to be careful before doing installation to avoid any incident which could harm you or damage your shower head equipment.

Here are some tips to install a shower enclosure, First we need to start assembling the acrylic tray, and underline the area with pencil for alignment on the position. Take out the tool which could easily cut the marked area for installation, after this step, take out the acrylic tray and placed it on that area and measured alignment before installing it, whether its completes fit there or required another amendments, because if the tray is placed on a sloped surface it will cause the damage and as well drainage problem which might occur in near future. And once the acrylic tray is attached to the surface it won’t be moved easily for future.

Then next step is to insert the waste outlet with the pipe so that all waste could easily carried away, then add silicone on the edges to make it more permanent. Then do the drilling to make holes and put the plugs to make the channels work to the walls. Now connect the side panel with the wall, attached all the cables to it to make it work. Then drill backs the holes re attached all the stuff and check whether it is working properly or not. Re check the drilling and attached wires for confirmation.
When all the major process is done then apply the sealant of silicone on all the edges or minor cracks if had occurred because of drilling process.

These were the few steps to measure before installing a shower enclosure.

Diversified LED lighting:

The latest LED lights features more energy efficient and brightest vanity lights. This can help in saving 70 percent of your energy usage than other bulbs. In markets different styles of LED lights are available which you can choose accordingly to your lavatory theme design. LED’s offers same amount of illumination as other bathroom bulbs but with more eco friendly and cost efficient.

bathroom Led lights


Water Efficient Toilets and Showers:

People for having more than one shower or long showers everyday can become major drains on a commercial or a household water supply. For saving the water consumption, Low flow shower heads can be the cost-effective solution which can reduce the water consumption by more than half. Other than that installing low flow toilets can also reduce great quantity of water consumption on daily basis.

Water efficient shower heads by cascada


Variety of Faucets:

Motion Sensor faucets is a proven formula for saving water, these faucets are available in many attractive designs and are very much cost effective, these faucets are great for family bathrooms, where kids usually make fun playing with water and wastes a lot of it. With Motion sensor feature these faucets are an efficient feature for ensuring water is not being waste.

Water efficient bathroom taps and faucets


In recent years, saving energy and water supply have become progressively vital consideration while designing bathrooms design.There are now various bathroom accessories are available, you can get many products and ideas through our website which can be very helpful in decorating your bathrooms.

After a long tiring day at work or at school, a human body seeks relaxation and wanting to be fresh again, and nothing gives us more pleasure and relaxation than taking a shower or bath in bathtub, Bathing helps the human body in bringing the calmness and patience to our body and to our mind by relaxing our body muscles and giving a sense of freshness in our mind, and if you have one of the classic bathtub with elegance environment in your bathroom then it would be a treat to your body.

New Bathtub in cascada

As your all day tiredness would be release in just one bath and to achieve the ultimate pleasure in bathing it requires peace and quietness in an environment where a person would just lay down in a bath for some time so that his/her body muscles releases all the major tiredness and gets rejuvenates in a very short period of time.

New relaxed bathtubs

Every individual has its own different taste and styles in bathing in which he/she is most comfortable, so go for that style which suits your affection the upmost. A person is more relaxed and feels rejoice after a bath which fulfills most of his body relaxing desire because it’s one of the major requirement when it is helping in relaxing all your body tiredness at just once.

Dream of having a glorious bathroom with incredibly shaped and magnificent designs is now achievable; thanks to CascadaBathrooms.co.uk com; one of the best places to own such dream at very reasonable price, with focal point taps to maintain the good looks and environment is highly recommended.

If you have an old bathtub and old faucets, now, it’s time of renovation, modernization and to invest in the designs that you will be enjoying in consuming and flattering. When you execute these ideas to your bathrooms, I can make sure that once it will have to be completed, it will compel you to think that why did not I changed it before?

A shower can the best way to start a day or put down the stress of a hectic day. The shower head shows that you love the water flow. Nowadays, there many types and styles of shower heads that should be considered before making any decision.

Are you interested in installing a bathtub or a shower enclosure in your bathroom? Do you feel puzzled in selecting perfect thing which will suit your bathroom? You absolutely don’t need to be anxious now. There are many things that should be thought about; mostly people think about put wall paint or to use wallpaper, or they may be getting confused about wooden floor or tile.

Well, Mostly people begins their day in their bathrooms and also ends with it, and they do not take time for renovating or decorating them, Renters are being especially focused in this article, to let them know that if you cannot renovate your home, there are certain methods to make your bathroom to be look more good.

Bathrooms are all around the globe, when it comes to living, we will not be missing the integral part of our houses or offices.

Yeah! You got it, it is none other than the bathroom, we all have our bathrooms, which are set sometimes by keeping in sense of the size or spaces that we have for bathrooms or sometimes by the choice that we have for them, and this is all greatly affected by the customs of the way to set up things in different regions of the world. At different places, or country’s bathrooms are set according to their own wish or style. 

 stylish bathroom design


A Good bathroom design will make it to be looked so beautiful. As you can see in the picture.


Bathrooms are dressed in a very orderly fashion, everything in its place, and everything will be in its place, no changes are allowed, if you are living in any of the hotels there, and you have 10, 15 days to spend, or a week, you might be wishing to set up the little things according to your comfort, but whenever you will be calling the room service, they will re-arrange it, and leave all the un-wanted things of your all in one place, in the corner of the bathrooms.



They have the most high tech bathrooms all around the globe, they have 5 or six buttons around their bowl and each for every purpose, if you are visiting Japan for the first time, you will need a lesson to learn first to use the bathroom properly, here, the good thing is that they have tissue rolls and water both available to use, when you are done with!



They prefer more reliability rather than style. They go for the cost-effective product with better quality.

They are just little in a construction these days, when it comes to bathrooms. They have both toilets paper and water in the bathrooms, but you are not suppose to throw it in the flush, as the pipelines for it are not that wide to handle all that waste.


When it comes to remodeling your bathrooms you need to take care of the standards that you are following, keeping in view the place you have for your bathroom and the amount you want to spend on it.

While in this era, we are surrounded by so many choices that are intended to satisfy our desires and wants, but in many cases they just deviates us from what we actually need. From the point of living in the house and keeping it well-maintained, it shows that how organized and up to date we actually are.

Well, everyone need repairs these days, after a year children have their summer and winter holidays to make them relaxed and recharge efforts for the home works, projects and so on. The employee has his yearly leave or casual leave so that he gets energized after a little break from the daily routine.

While decorating your house, from the balcony’s to the rooms and from dinning to the TV lounges, you will not want to miss the bathrooms in this regard, as bathrooms have your times of the day involved in it.

Bathroom no doubt holds an important position in our surroundings and we are naturally bounded by it, bathroom holds the considerable time of the day and an average individual visits a bathrooms 4 times a day, and that makes the equipments installed in it to be reliable use.

We are tremendously surrounded by the events, memories and surprises that life has to offer to us, and in all this what matter is the behavior that we have with us, living a luxurious life is hard to strive for and easy to dream for. When it comes to set up the house for which you have strived for hard you will definitely be looking for the finest objects to be included in your house.

We all know that we are surrounded by the limited resources and we should be highly cautious in using them properly. The waste of the resources not only stands showing the careless citizen of the country, but also the sin full man in the eyes of those, who are out of resources.

If you are looking for a marvelous and healthy style of living then definitely you are a man with taste to live and pockets to spend as well, humans have been discovering different life styles and every region or country has his own set of styles to live with, but decorating a house is a habit present in many people around the globe, and the ceramics, tiles, wardrobes, kitchens, beds, everything has many and multiple choices.

What you need is when you are redesigning your dream, that is your house, you need it to look as beautiful as it could, interior designing has grown in to a very attractive and eye catching field, what was not feasible by a on ordinary person who intends to set up his house in an elegant manner. Because of the limitation of the knowledge that he could do, by the availability of the things that could be used in his house, whether it be a mosaic tiles for his back splash in kitchen or making his swimming pool look like a river, from arranging your drawing room to your store room or moving from balcony to your small garden, you would definitely do not want to miss your bathroom in this regard.

Shower Enclosures - a compact, comfortable and versatile bath experience. For many years it has become a great substitute for the traditional bath style. It’s a savior for number of reasons like, if someone wants to save its space in the bathrooms, or attracted to fix more features with showers, with desired design, stylish and modern look. In short, the reasons to buy a shower enclosure, are lot but the main thing is to choose the right model. Then the question arises of “How to choose a shower enclosure?”

If you are considering of a flawless home for you and your family, bathroom plays an essential role in making your dream come true. Proper accessories increase your bathroom design and keep it hygienic. A well-maintained bathroom gives cleanness and great delight of taking a bath before you begin your day

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Taps might seem like quite an insignificant thing when it comes to the design of your bathroom but in actual fact changing your taps can make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom. When you are on a budget, upgrading your bathroom taps can be a great way of updating your bathroom without the need to go all out with a complete bathroom refurbishment. Here at Cascada Bathrooms we have a wide range of cheap bathroom taps so you can freshen up your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Picking your perfect shower means making lots of decisions. From the type of door, to the shape of the shower head, fixed or mounted options, the tray and any number of alternative methods you may desire for your new bathroom centre piece. Of course, one of the chief factors to consider is the overall size of the shower, and that means choosing an appropriate enclosure. Here at Cascada Bathrooms, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best quality in shower accessories and parts, as well the largest range, ensuring you can make your vision a reality, and it will be one you’ll enjoy for many years to come! Here then, is the range of sizes our shower enclosures are available in!

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